Why I'm Running

In 2018, I ran for City Council to be a new progressive voice for the future of our City. I was resoundingly elected by over 5,600 people to be our next City Council member from Ward 4. We built that coalition together. We did that.

 I became the first renter voice on our current Council in a city where over half of us are renting, its youngest member, and a fresh new perspective during a time of great change and opportunity for Saint Paul.

I couldn’t be prouder to be your Ward 4 City Councilwoman. I’m already hard at work with my team on my four main priorities in office: attainable and affordable housing and homeownership, transportation and sustainability, community-first public safety, and building our community wealth.

 I’m also working to do something much bigger and deeper, and that’s to change the way our city engages with residents. Saint Paul does better when we have better engagement and better neighborhood processes. I ran to bring everybody to the table, and I’m running again to keep opening up our processes to all.

 We’ve already accomplished a lot during my first year in office. We are changing the culture and opening things up. We are bringing new energy to old problems. We are hard at work every day for homes for all, a fair and thriving economy, safer streets and stronger neighborhoods.

This year, I’m running for a full term to keep organizing for progress that brings all of us with it.

Are you with me?

 Join Team Mitra on Sunday, March 10 at 3:00PM for our 2019 DFL caucus and endorsing convention.

 Together, we can keep moving our city forward.

 Get involved: campaign@mitranelson.com

Donate: www.mitranelson.com/donate