Transportation + Sustainability in St. Paul

Cities and states are now leading the way in efforts to combat climate change and promote environmental justice. One of the best ways we can address our city climate impact is through the creation of a modern, multi-modal transportation system that makes it safe for all families to move throughout our neighborhoods. Parents should be able to walk their kids to work without fearing for their safety crossing the street. Workers should be able to make it home from their jobs without being run over. A truly multimodal transportation system, combined with improvements to our waste, water, and buildings policies, can put Saint Paul on the map as a true leader on climate and sustainability while making our community even more desirable to live in.


I will work hard on the City Council to promote transportation and sustainability by:

  • Working with Mayor Carter and my colleagues on the city council to develop a plan to fund the remainder of the Saint Paul Bike Plan

  • Partnering with Saint Paul Public Schools to fully implement the Safe Routes to School plan that is currently in development

  • Continuing our progress on waste reduction by implementing curbside composting for all residents

  • Partnering actively with Ramsey County to ensure we’re moving forward as allies on waste, transportation, and sustainability

  • Partner with Ramsey County and Metro Transit to ensure the East Metro continues to built high quality transit