Building Community Wealth in St. Paul, MN

Our city’s prosperity is not only possible, but dependent upon building the wealth of all residents, no matter their starting point. In addition to passing policies that put more money in people’s pockets, we need to proactively engage development issues to make sure our community benefits from projects that developers pursue here. As we see our community’s economic footprint grow, through projects like the Midway soccer stadium, we cannot lose sight of who we are as a community, and our character and residents must be incorporated into the vision and execution of these projects.


I will work hard on the City Council to build community wealth by:

  • Supporting a $15 minimum wage with no tip penalty

  • Building support for the minimum wage increase including engagement with local businesses and meeting with residents to determine the best path forward

  • Ensuring that large city projects and proposals like the Stadium center residents in their strategy through the hiring of community vendors, employing residents, and considering impacts on existing small local businesses

  • Continuing to support and invest in city-level workforce training programs that address the skills gap that employers face

  • Advocating for funding of the Cultural STAR Program, resources for local art institutions like Mu Performing Arts, and other efforts that nurture our local creative economy

  • Push for the expansion of successful small business initiatives like the Neighborhood STAR program to help new family-owned businesses grow

  • Engaging with University Ave and other area small businesses supported by groups like Neighborhood Development Center to highlight successful partnerships